Youth sports organizations rely on funding to keep their programs up and running. Many organizations and programs offer grant support to youth sports organizations to help with start up costs and sustainability. The grants largely depend on the status and support of the youth organization. The size of the team, the organization's non-profit status and whether it is run through an educational or a private organization often dictates availability of grants and award size.

Responsible Sports Community Grants

The youth organization must first register with "Responsible Sports" to be eligible for the community grants. Responsible sports asks applicants to rally as many supporters as the organization can to complete the "Parenting and Responsible Coaching" coursework. After doing so, the organization must take a short quiz to be eligible for the funds. Organizations can only receive the grant once. Two rounds of grants are given out each year and up to and 40 grants are presented annually. According to, "Large organizations (100+ players) compete for one of seven $2,500 grants, small organizations (under 100 players) compete for one of seven $2,500 grants and school/educational organizations (school athletic programs) compete for one of six $5,000 grants." Youth organizations must also serve the community and remain open to the general public.

Responsible Sports Liberty Mutual 175 Berkeley Street Boston, MA 02116

Finish Line Youth Foundation

The Finish Line Youth Foundation offers two grants: the Founders grant, for emergency funds, and the Legacy grant. The Founders grant offers between $5,000 and $25,000 for youth organizations that are limited in providing the current services they currently provide. According to, "Examples would be natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances that require special funding to help build or develop facilities or equipment needs." The Legacy grant offers organizations between $10,000 and $75,000 for improvements to their programs in the form of renovations to facilities or new facility requirements. To apply for these grants organizations need to first fill out the online eligibility quiz and follow the instructions online. Upon approval, the organization will need to submit a cover letter, needs statement, summary of funds raised and a budget.

Finish Line Youth Foundation 3308 N. Mitthoeffer Road Indianapolis, IN 46235 317-899-1022 x6799

Nike Grants

The Nike Organization offers rolling grants to non-profit organizations and collaborators among organizations. According to, "Eligible proposals are reviewed throughout the year. Grant decisions are based upon appropriate fit with guidelines and funding availability." Organizations must complete the following to grant consideration: a description of the organization, a description of the project or activity, an operating budget, identification of funding sources, list of previous funding from the Nike organization, project budget, list of board members and staff, financial statement and tax information. Nike also gives large product donations to organizations based on need. Often, these donations depend on natural disaster relief. states, "We will invest a minimum of $315 million in grants, product donations and in-kind support through 2011 to give excluded youth greater access to sport programs designed to unleash human potential."

Nike World Headquarters One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, OR 97005 503-671-6453