911 centers provide essential, life-saving emergency services to communities. These centers dispatch police, fire and ambulance personnel and equipment to locations that experience emergencies such as illness, injury, crime or fire. Several grants are available for 911 centers. These grants provide funding for new equipment, hiring, training, expansion and other operational needs.

Public Safety Foundation of America

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The Public Safety Foundation of America, or PSFA, is a non-profit organization that promotes the progression and modernization of 911 operating centers. The PSFA gives grants to 911 operating centers, among other related organizations. The organization gives grants for new equipment, education and strategic planning Grants are based on financial need and program usefulness. The PSFA requires grant applicants to send in a multi-page, detailed grant proposal that includes an issue, detailed budget, and formal request. The organization accepts grant applications by invitation only.


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The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, has the Emergency Operations Center, or EOC grant program, which is designed to provide funding for improvements to 911 centers' and other emergency operations' communications systems. Nine-one-one center communications systems include voice-over IP technology, enhanced telephone systems and global positioning systems, or GPS. According to FEMA, a governor-designated state administrative agency must apply for the grant. The aforementioned state agency can then disperse the grant funding to applicable 911 centers.

Other Grants

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Although grants may not specifically be for the purpose of improving 911 centers, local governments or organizations can still use them for that purpose. For instance, Tensas Parish in Louisiana received a $100,000 rural development grant from the federal government to construct a 911 center, according to Louisiana Homeland Security and m Emergency Preparedness.