Sharp brand photocopy machines are common in many office environments. As anyone who has spent much time using a copier knows, photocopy machines can be prone to paper jams, sensor malfunctions and other problems. Error codes are designed to help the user or repair person locate and fix problems more easily.

Defining Copier Error Codes

Sharp brand photocopy machines use codes to indicate where the trouble lies. If the copier is not producing copies, review the instrument panel for basic troubleshooting instructions and error codes. Error codes for Sharp brand machines are typically a set of two to three letters and numbers.

Types of Error Codes

Error codes are used to flag nearly any type of problem with the copier. Routine maintenance, such as adding paper, changing the toner cartridge or cleaning paper jams can cause error codes that are easily cleared by the user. Other codes may indicate hardware or software problems such as memory trouble, fuser unit malfunction, temperature issues, or problems with accessories such as staplers, sensors or scanners.

Interpreting Copier Codes

Trouble codes vary depending on the model and style of the Sharp brand copier. Codes also vary between newer-model digital copy machines and older, analog-style copy machines. Review the copier's manual to determine the meaning of the trouble code, or see Resources below for guides to trouble codes.