Customer Service Department Organization Structure

by Hunter Taylor ; Updated September 26, 2017
Customer service departments consist of analysts who examine processes.

A customer service department in a company is the customers' first point of contact for questions, complaints and possibly order fulfillment. The customer service representatives (CSRs) need the proper management support and structure to assist the customers adequately.


Dependent upon the size of the organization, the customer service department may contain supervisors, managers, directors, vice presidents and a president. The supervisor manages the CSR directly, while managers are responsible for several supervisors. Directors provide supervision to managers, while vice presidents may be responsible for several customer service departments that are located across several geographic regions. The president manages the entire customer service operations for an entire company.


Customer service departments have ancillary support personnel in the form of analysts. The analysts evaluate the number of customer requests, the amount of time to complete the requests, departmental processes, the quality of service delivered and/or financial impacts of customer service. Analysts focus on the statistics and processes of the customer service department. These are the items the managers and supervisors do not have time to focus on.

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A trainer is included in the customer service department structure. The trainer aids new customer service representatives in "getting up to speed," while providing refresher courses to more seasoned representatives.

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