How to Organize as a Management Function

How to Organize as a Management Function. Organizing is usually considered the second step in the management cycle. Organizing is the management function concerned with bringing together the necessary resources and arranging them so individuals might accomplish their activities most efficiently. It concerns itself with the division, coordination and control of the work as well as the flow of information within the organization or business.

Define what activities and tasks need to be completed. Capture this division of labor pictorially on an organizational chart. Share the chart with both managers and employees.

Delegate authority to other employees. Authority is a legitimate power invested in an individual. Delegate authority to other qualified individuals to allow management to prioritize their time more efficiently. It frees them from routine tasks and allows them to spend more time on tasks of higher priority.

Monitor employee performance. Make certain that employees feel comfortable asking questions and with asking for assistance as problems arise. Work with managers and supervisors to assure employee happiness.

Create logical groups of activities and identify combinations as work components. Assure activities are connected in an effective manner. Combine logical activities and groups like jobs under the authority of a single manager for the purposes of planning, organizing and control.

Monitor the outcome and adjust based on on-going and future organizational demands. Assess and re-asses the organization and departmentalization to ensure efficiency.


  • Delegation does not free a manager from accountability. A manager is responsible for the actions of his subordinates.

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