Business these days requires project managers to be flexible and respond well to change. Agile Project Management is a specific approach to project management that attempts to deal with projects that need to change quickly and address change effectively.


Agile Project Management is a method of project management that encourages a team approach to projects. This process allows the project scope to change rapidly and frequently, by placing emphasis on stakeholder involvement and communications. Software development projects commonly use the agile method of project management.

Scope Management

In Agile Project Management, there is a greater need to be aware of scope creep, given the fact that changes to the project tend to come quickly and need to be integrated equally as quickly.


Scheduling is a challenge. Agile projects tend to focus on groups of personnel working simultaneously, emulating the effects of crashing and/or fast tracking.

Change Management

Agile Project Management requires an efficient way to track changes throughout the project. The premise of the Agile approach anticipates change requests being made that require a quick approval process and implementation time frame.


Agile requires that project team members interact with project stakeholders regularly, weekly or even more frequently. This is critical as it allows rapid changes be made to the project as it evolves.