What Does Customer Service Mean?

There are many facets to customer service. Providing your customers with world-class customer service helps your organization capture market share, increase profits, retain customers and acquire new customers. Your marketing and advertising expenditures are reduced as a result of providing world-class customer service. Your company can actually acquire new customers with word-of-mouth advertising.

Listen Intently

Customer service means listening to your customers intently while taking notes. Once you have all available information, regarding a customer’s inquiries, you will be able to service their needs. After servicing a customers needs, you may be able to offer the customer a new product or service.

Satisfy Needs

Customer service means having the ability to satisfy a customer’s wants and needs to the best of your ability.


Providing customer service means taking ownership of a customer’s account and resolving their problem instead of referring them to another department. If you have to transfer the customer, stay on the phone until a representative from the other department answers.


Customer service means keeping in touch with your customers to let them know you appreciate their business. Your customers will love to hear from you when you have new product offerings.

Friendly Greeting

Customer service means greeting your customers with a smile. Give your name and company and ask how you can help them. Always treat your customers with courtesy and respect.

Follow Up

You have to follow up with your customers. If you cannot resolve a problem as you promised, always call the customer and let them know when the problem will be resolved.