Monitoring process improvements ensures that individuals and groups do not repeat previous mistakes. It establishes a strong foundation to enhancing your business. By following specific steps, you can monitor process improvements.

Establish areas of improvement within your current process. Review your current process step by step and highlight areas of improvement.


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Capture current baseline metrics. Write down the metric numbers of your areas of improvement to determine baseline metrics; if an area of improvement is time, faster or slower, knowing your current time baseline will help compare it with your new time baseline information.

Determine metric goals. Review the areas of improvement to determine metric improvement goals.

Prioritize metric goals. Sort your improvement metric goals in order of importance to monitor. Focusing on specific improvements will ensure your changes are effective.


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Monitor process improvements. Compare your baseline metrics to actual process result changes.


Monitoring process improvements is a team effort. Ensure that all team members are involved so you can capture all points of view.


Be patient because process improvement is continuous.