By deploying business centric methodologies, companies can increase their productivity and operational efficiency. This efficiency translates into less inventory overhead, lean manufacturing processes, loyal customers and a high productivity among employees.

What is Business Centric?

When companies install and integrate the latest information technology and Management Information Systems (MIS) into day-to-day operation, it doesn't necessarily translate into increased business value. The corporate business environment must be re-engineered to take advantage of the new technology. This process is referred to as deploying a Business Centric Methodology

Business Centric Methodology

Business Centric Methodology refers to the techniques required to re-engineer corporate business processes in order to take advantage of new information technology. It involves internal business processes as well as processes required to collaborate and properly integrate suppliers and external partners.

An Example

The perfect example of a business centric methodology is Wal-Mart's strategic business integration with its suppliers. This integration involves linking suppliers to a management information system where suppliers can forecast their production needs based on real-time sales at Wal-Mart retail counters. This way, suppliers know which product to produce and when, and Wal-Mart ensures that product will be on retail shelves when needed.