Project teams often go through extensive planning processes before undertaking the implementation phase of a project. Just as important is the process of monitoring the project's progress from beginning to end. A variety of tools are available for this purpose, from simple communication strategies to comprehensive online project management systems.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is the de facto standard for project tracking. This standalone software offers comprehensive project management and is popular in corporate settings.

Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart tracks roles, timelines, milestones and task dependencies, so everyone understands what is expected, when it will be completed, and how parts of a project interrelate.


QuickBase is an online solution with basic tracking features and enhanced functions such as cost tracking. Team members can receive automated notifications for pending deadlines and other project updates.


BaseCamp is another online solution. It features a to-do list, file sharing, centralized messaging, time tracking and a calendar view. It is ideal for ongoing interaction among team members.

Commitment Scale

A commitment scale is used to establish the level of commitment required from key stakeholders, and ensure that sufficient progress is being made in increasing stakeholder buy-in and support.