Event Fundraising Ideas for Relay for Life

rising dollar bills image by Brent Walker from Fotolia.com

Fundraising for Relay for Life to help fight cancer can be as simple as washing cars or selling candy. Advertise your event in newspapers and radio stations, which might donate space for a fundraiser. Ask people to donate items for sales and ensure your advertising and fundraiser campaign remains organized. The most important thing is to enjoy raising as much money as possible through your event.

Ice Cream Booth

An ice cream booth is a tasty way to raise money for Relay for Life. A relay for life ice cream booth can become a regular fixture at annual community events like 4th of July celebrations, founder's day parades and local festivals. An ice cream booth can be as simple as a table with two or three different flavors of ice cream. Stores may offer to donate ice cream or participants in the fundraiser can make homemade ice cream on site, which is always a welcomed favorite. Purchase or receive a donation of small foam cups and plastic spoons to serve the ice cream. Fundraisers may sell the ice cream for a fixed price and accept additional donations. An appropriate price for one scoop of ice cream is $0.75. Place a donation jar between the servers and the customers. Many customers will pay with a $1 bill and tell you to put the change in the jar.

Garage Sale

A garage sale is an inexpensive and simple way to raise lots of cash for Relay for Life. Garage sales attract buyers on weekends, so Saturday is usually the most lucrative day for a garage sale. On the evening before the sale, all participants can bring their donations for the sale to a central location. Sort and price donations to sell ahead of time. Early in the morning on the day of the garage sale or earlier in the week, place signs in town with the address of the sale. Advertise the garage sale in the local paper and ask Churches to include an announcement in their weekly service bulletin on the Sunday before the garage sale. Have a backup plan in the event of rain. Costs for stickers and posters are minimal and the profit potential is large.

Windshield Washing

Most fast food restaurants have a drive-through window that customers can use to order food. Often customers of fast food restaurants have to wait a few minutes during preparation of their food. Connect with a local fast food restaurant that has a drive-through window service and arrange to wash car windows for customers for a donation. Supplies include some paper towels, windshield cleaner in spray bottles, a few squeegees, and two or more volunteers to wash the windows. The key to earning money for Relay for Life is having one volunteer stand near the window to accept change as donations while other volunteers wash the car windows. Get all the necessary permissions or permits well in advance of the planned day. Be prepared to start washing car windows at least one hour before the lunch rush and for one hour afterwards.