How to Donate Surplus Medical Supplies

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Hospitals, health care facilities and medical companies often need to discard surplus medical supplies due to various reasons. Whether it is new technology that renders your equipment obsolete or regulatory requirements that deem you discard existing supplies, you can put your surplus medical supplies to good use through donation. From free clinics in your local community to charitable organizations serving developing countries, there are a lot of places where your excess supplies can make a difference to the quality of health care people receive.

Prepare a list of the items which you have in surplus. Segregate these into biomedical equipment, medical supplies and pharmaceutical products. Check to make sure that products are well within their expiry period, considering that it may take months for the supplies to reach the final user. This is especially important in cases where you donate to an organization that will send the supplies to other countries. Prepare a document that provides a description of the supplies and the quantity of each. This document will be useful while contacting organizations about a donation.

Locate local health care centers and free clinics in your community. Get in touch with the administrator and provide details of the type and quantity of medical supplies you have. Find out if they are willing to accept a donation from you and make arrangements to transport the supplies.

Contact Alliance for Smiles and procure a list of their current medical supply needs. Check if the items you have are on the list and inform them about the supplies you are willing to donate. Find out their UPS account information, ship your consignment and directly bill the organization for the shipping costs you incur. If you want to claim an income tax deduction, send details of the approximate value of the supplies you donated and ask for a tax receipt from the organization.

Contact MedShare, a nonprofit organization located in Atlanta, Georgia. MedShare accepts surplus medical supplies and biomedical equipment. Check if the articles you wish to donate figure on the list of supplies that they accept. Fill out the form provided on the organization's website to find out about the procedure you need to follow while making a donation. Find out about their donation bins in hospitals in Metro Atlanta and Northern California where you can drop off your supplies. MedShare does not accept pharmaceutical products, but the website provides a link to other organizations that do. Follow up with them separately if you have pharmaceutical supplies to donate.

Find out about other medical missionary organizations that send surplus medical supplies to developing countries through a charitable program. Get in touch with organizations like Recovered Medical Equipment for the Developing World (REMEDY), Medisend International, Medical Equipment Donation Agency (Med-Eq) and Direct Relief International.