Bulletin boards are a great asset for volunteer organizations. Bulletin boards keep people informed of opportunities and scheduled events and give them an easy place to sign up for information. A bulletin board for volunteers should be clean and easy to read. Although it can be colorful and bright, the accents you use should not detract from the information.

Volunteer Opportunities and Sign Ups

Step 1.

Bulletin boards that display volunteer opportunities and sign-up sheets are a great way to make volunteering easier for your organization. Mount the bulletin board in the lobby of your building or in your office. The board should be free of clutter and focus strictly on volunteer opportunities. Each opportunity should have a clear description and a sign-up sheet with the time and date of the opportunity clearly displayed. Attach a pen to the volunteer sheet to make it easier for people to sign up. Create sections to put each individual sign-up sheet in. Put a label across the top of the board that says "Volunteer Opportunities."

Volunteer Thank You Board

Step 1.

A thank you board is a great way to share the thanks that your organization gets each year. Post pictures from service opportunities as well as thank you letters from people your organization has helped. It is also nice to have the president of the organization write a letter of thanks to post at least once a year. For the background, write the words "Thank You" on a white sheet of butcher paper in different colors and different styles. This bulletin board can be more fun, and not as professional as the other bulletin boards in the office.

Recruitment Bulletin Board

Step 1.

Create a recruitment bulletin board to help people learn about your organization and entice them to join and/or volunteer. This bulletin board should be professional and eye catching. Include pictures showing the activities that your organization does. List the advantages of volunteering, as well as the people that the organization helps. Add contact information such as an address, a website, and a phone number. If possible, you could work in a pocket that contains brochures or business cards that interested people could use to contact the organization later. These bulletin boards would work well in colleges and community centers.