How to Write Thank-You Notes and Holiday Wishes to Your Boss

by Vanessa Moos; Updated September 26, 2017
Generalized holiday greetings are best for sending to employers.

Holiday cards are a tradition in every household and an extremely personal extension of any relationship. When using them for your colleagues and boss, care must be taken to ensure that you will not damage any aspect of your relationships in or out of work. Using a politically correct card and personalizing it by hand will ensure the best possible outcome when sending it to your boss.

Items you will need

  • Holiday card and matching envelope
  • Pen
  • Stamp

Sending the right message to your employer

Step 1

Select the right card that contains the right message. This card is not intended for your usual social recipients, but for your employer. Making the right impression is extremely important, so be sure to avoid sending a holiday card that contains inappropriate images or messages. Stick with the traditional holiday sayings, such as "Seasons Greetings" or "Happy Holidays." If you feel you are on a more personal level with your boss, you can vary slightly with your message, but if you have any question about the appropriateness of the card, steer clear.

Step 2

You must make your card personal. Write an appropriate greeting to your boss, even if the inside of the card already contains a message. Wish your employer a happy holiday by hand, even if it says that on the card. This personal touch will make your boss appreciate the gesture, as well as feel that you are genuine in your message.

Step 3

Include your boss's family. Holidays are a very personal time of year, and most people spend the majority of their time off with their families. Be sure to include the names of your employer's family, including children and pets (if you are close enough to know that information). If you do not know names, be sure to at least mention "your wife" and/or "your children" somewhere in your personal message. You will stand out as a superior example of a personable employee, and your boss will appreciate that you know such information about his or her family.


  • General holiday greetings are the best to use when sending to your boss. They are fully customizable and will send the best message when the personal touch is added.


  • Avoid cards that contain humor, as your boss may not understand them.

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