Preprinted address labels that include designs can help your mailings look more professional or even provide a hint about what is inside. Some organizations will send you free labels with your name and address already printed on them if you donate to their cause.


An organization may send you free address labels to remind you about the organization and encourage you to make continued purchases or donations. Most labels will have the organization's name or logo printed on them, so they also work as a form of low-cost advertising.


The package sent to you will usually consist of a single sheet of 30 identical labels sized for a standard envelope, and they normally will have a simple image or design based on what the organization does or the scenery around where it is headquartered.


The groups most well known for offering these kinds of labels are the March of Dimes, Vista Print, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, Easter Seals and the American Diabetes Foundation. A growing number of organizations also offer address labels in exchange for personal information instead of requiring a monetary donation. Some organizations will also send out more than a single sheet of labels.


The cost of purchasing preprinted address labels or sheets of labels that can be printed on your computer can end up being less expensive than making a donation to an organization.


Read the organization's privacy policy and any terms of use before supplying such personal information as your address or phone number. Many organizations, even nonprofit charity foundations, will give your information to other companies, which will then send you junk mail or make unwanted phone solicitations.