About Facebook Business Manager


Coming up with a successful social media strategy is necessary for this day and age. Imperative to this strategy is the creation of a company Facebook page and Facebook advertising, both of which can give your company exposure to the nearly 1 billion daily users of the site.

When done correctly, your business’s Facebook presence can earn you countless new customers and keep your brand name top of mind to existing customers. A successful Facebook presence often means creating multiple pages and multiple ad campaigns for your company.

Whether you have multiple pages and ad campaigns or just one of each, managing your company’s Facebook page and advertising can get overwhelming. With Facebook Business Manager, you can more effectively manage all of your pages and ads in one place and strategize to make the best use of both. You can also invite other people from your company to manage certain aspects of Facebook so that you don’t have to.

What Is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a free function provided by Facebook that centralizes everything your business does on the social media platform. Through Facebook Business Manager, you can better track and tailor your online marketing with insights, detailed reports and specific information about your users.

Through your dashboard, you can determine the potential reach of your targeting criteria and get live metrics on how your posts and ads are performing. You’ll be able to see who liked what and how they interacted with your page and ads, including whether they clicked through or shared the content. This is just some of the reporting functionality you’ll find in Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Business Manager also allows you to better segment ad accounts so that you can target different customers. For example, if your business provides both residential and commercial painting services, you’ll likely want to create two separate ad campaigns: one to target homeowners and the other to target business owners.

Each campaign will have different objectives, with different targeted keywords and demographics. You may even want to pay for the campaigns using different payment accounts. Through Facebook Business Manager, you can have multiple ad accounts and both see and compare them all on your dashboard.

With Facebook Business Manager, you can also allow multiple people to manage your pages and ads, and give them discrete roles. You can give your sales team access to only ad accounts so they can tailor their sales efforts, and give your marketing team access to your company’s pages so they can keep the page updated and interact with users. Through the dashboard, you can see who is working on what and the results of their work.

If your business is one that manages Facebook ad accounts and pages for other businesses, such as a social media marketing business, Facebook Business Manager is especially helpful. It allows you to access the company page and ad accounts of multiple companies so you can securely manage as many as you need.

These features are not available through your personal Facebook profile. You must set up Facebook Business Manager to access all of these features.

How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

To set up Facebook Business Manager, you need to have a personal Facebook profile. If you don’t already have one, create a Facebook account with the username and password of your choosing. Once you have a personal Facebook profile, you can use the Facebook Business Manager.

To create an account in Facebook Business Manager, you need to enter your business name and business email address. This email address should not be the personal email address you use for your personal Facebook profile because you want to keep the two accounts separate.

Once you create an account, you’ll be prompted on how to set up Facebook Business Manager. This involves adding your company page or pages and advertising accounts, as well as selecting the people you want to work on any of them.

To add your company page or pages to your dashboard, you simply choose to add a page on your dashboard and search for and select the page with your business name. If you don’t yet have a company page, you can create a new page following the prompts on your dashboard. You can also request access to someone else’s page if you plan to manage it for them.

The process is similar for adding Facebook ads to your dashboard. If you already have Facebook ad accounts created, you simply enter your ad account ID to your Facebook Business Manager account. You can add an account you own or request access to add someone else’s ad account. If you don’t yet have any ads, you can follow the steps to create one through your dashboard. Note that Facebook only allows you to manage up to five ad accounts through a Business Manager dashboard.

If you have a company Instagram account, you can also link that to your Facebook Business Manager. Doing that allows you to manage ads that you opt to display on Instagram as well.

How to Add Someone to Facebook Business Manager

The final step to set up your Facebook Business Manager is adding people to manage your page and ads. Doing this allows you to be more hands-off the day-to-day management of social media while being able to keep track of what’s being done on your company pages and ads.

From the People and Assets tab on your dashboard, you can add team members such as employees and freelancers. You can give each person either full access or limited access, depending on the role you want them to have.

If you grant someone full access as an admin, he can manage all aspects of your company page or ad account. This access is typically granted to higher-level employees or freelancers managing your accounts.

Other roles to which you can assign team members to include the following:

  • Moderator creates ads and content, interacts with users and views insights.
  • Analyst manages settings and views insights.
  • Editor assumes the moderator duties and publishes content or ads as your company.
  • Advertiser manages analyst duties and creates ads.

With Facebook Business Manager, you also have the option of adding a business partner or ad agency instead of individual team members. This allows the agency to manage the permissions of their own team members who may be servicing your account.

Once you invite each person to your Facebook Business Manager, they must accept the invitation before being able to access your account. They must also have their own personal Facebook accounts to be members of your Facebook Business Manager team. You can invite someone to handle a specific role on your team and later change that role at any time in your settings.

Keep in mind that you can also revoke a team member’s permissions at any time. If someone leaves your company or you stop working with an external agency, you must remove that person from your Business Manager account yourself. Facebook Business Manager does not automatically remove people or notice that the company emails associated with a person were deactivated.

It’s generally a good idea to give only a few people access to your dashboard to help keep your business information secure. That means you should only invite people who are responsible for managing either your company pages or ads and not just anyone who works at your company.

Is There a Facebook Business Manager App?

Managing your company’s Facebook pages and ads on the go may be important for you. You may be wondering if there is a Facebook Business Manager app that you can access on your phone or other mobile devices so you don’t always have to be at a computer to do so.

There is currently no specific Facebook Business Manager app that combines your pages and ads. Instead, two separate apps allow you to manage either your pages or your ads in each.

With the Facebook Page Manager, you can manage your company’s business pages from your mobile device. You can see the activity on your page, post updates and view insights.

With the Facebook Ads Manager, you can manage your company’s ads from your mobile device. You can track ad performance, create and edit ads and update ad budgets and schedules.

Both apps are available on Apple and Android devices.

How to Get Facebook Business Manager Help

Whether you are just setting up your Facebook Business Manager account or have questions about how to make the best use of reports, you are likely to wonder how to get Facebook Business Manager help at some point.

Facebook itself provides a Facebook Business Manager tutorial that walks you through everything you need to get started with your dashboard. The Facebook Business Manager tutorial takes you through the setup process, adding pages and ads, assigning the right permissions for your team and payment methods.

If you have ongoing questions that are not answered by the Facebook Business Manager tutorial, you can use the Facebook Business support function. There, you can get Facebook Business Manager help for a variety of topics, including creating ads, ad delivery and performance, your business page and reporting and insights.

If you need specific Facebook Business Manager help, you can pose a question to the Facebook community. Once you do, you must wait for someone to respond, meaning that the help you seek is not always immediately available.

If you work with an external agency or freelance consultant to manage your company’s pages and ads, they should be able to provide Facebook Business Manager support and answer any questions you may have.

Should I Use Facebook Business Manager?

Whether or not Facebook Business Manager makes sense to use depends on how your company uses the social media platform. If you have a small business in one location and don’t plan to run any ads, you may find that you only need to create a company page and not bother with setting up a Facebook Business Manager account.

On the other hand, if you have a small business that is expanding into different markets or you want to attract customers in new locations, it may be worthwhile for you to run several Facebook ad campaigns or create multiple company pages. In this case, you’ll want to manage everything through Facebook Business Manager for efficiency’s sake.

While it may take a bit of set up on the front end, once you get the hang of the Facebook Business Manager dashboard, you’ll see the many benefits it offers. If nothing else, it will give you a big picture view of how your marketing efforts are working on the social media site and if you need to make any changes. This can be priceless information for your business to have.