About Facebook Business


These days, if your business doesn’t have a presence on Facebook, it doesn’t exist. Potential customers and clients expect to find a page on the major social media site giving at least some basic information about your business.

When done correctly, your Facebook presence lets the world know about the people you serve and the services or products you provide. The images, videos and text you post can let people in on your company’s personality and tell them why they’d want to do business with you. You can even use Facebook advertising to drive the right type of people to your business.

A Facebook Business account for your company exists outside of your personal social media profile. It exists to present information about your company, make meaningful connections, earn potential customers for your business, and it can be a valuable marketing tool.

What Is Facebook Business?

More than 1 billion people log onto Facebook each day. That means you have direct access to millions of potential new customers. With this reach, Facebook should be part of any marketing and business strategy.

Facebook Business is a portal that integrates your business strategy on the social media site. Through a Facebook Business account, you can create a page and advertising that reach customers and highlight your brand. You have the ability to target exactly the type of customers you want to reach and find out if your strategies for reaching them work.

How you use Facebook Business depends on the type of business you have and how you want customers to interact with your social media presence. Your strategies can involve sending people to your website to buy a particular item, increasing the number of likes on your company Facebook page or having people participate in a contest or poll. You can use your Facebook Business account in the way that works best for you.

Before you create a Facebook Business account, strategize about how you want to use the social media site to your advantage. Also, decide the budget you have to invest in any Facebook Business ads.

How to Create a Facebook Business Account

When you are ready to create a Facebook Business account, you’ll find it’s not too complicated. If you don’t already have a Facebook account, you’ll need to start by creating one. All that is required is an email address or phone number, password and a little information about yourself.

You can use your personal account to create a business page or create an account that is just for your business. If you opt for the latter, make sure you don’t create a personal profile for your business, as you’ll want to drive people to your actual business page. To avoid doing this, once you create a new account, go to Facebook Business and follow the instructions for creating a page.

Once you set up a Facebook Business account, you can create both a Facebook Business page and set up Facebook Business ads. While you do not have to do both, a complete social media strategy is likely to include the creation of a Facebook Business page along with Facebook Business ads to help boost that page.

Creating a Facebook Business Page

To create a Facebook Business page, you’ll need to have some information handy. You want to have a name for the page that people can find, which is most often your business name and what people will search for if they look for you. Make sure it’s the name you use for existing marketing, and not a nickname or alternative company name.

You will also want to include some images on your Facebook Business page. These images can be your company logo or photos of your products, services or customers. You will be prompted to upload both a cover photo and profile photo. You can upload any additional photos as you’d like, either in albums or as individual posts to the page. Avoid using stock images on your Facebook Business page. You want to show customers what your actual products and services look like. If you operate a beauty salon chain, include photos of customers getting their nails done and some interesting nail art. If your business is in the food industry, include photos of your cuisine or catering services.

You’ll also want to have a call to action that lets people know what you want them to do. This can be a button to call now, book an appointment or send a message.

Your Facebook Business page can also include:

  • Your company contact information, including the phone number, email and website address.
  • Any information you want to share, including awards, products and certifications.
  • A mission statement that lets customers know a bit more about your company and its history.
  • Photos and videos that reflect your company.
  • Upcoming public events you are putting on, or that are held at your company.
  • Any special content you’d like to include, such as menus or services.
  • Jobs that you have available.

A Facebook Business page keeps existing and future customers connected to you. With a Facebook Business page, you can allow people to message you directly to get their questions answered. You should also share regular updates that keep your page fresh and keep people engaged. Updates can be articles, images, videos and anything else your customers may like.

One of the main perks of creating a Facebook Business page is the ability to see page insights. This feature allows you to see how many people your posts and page reach, what content they like best and how they use your page. This information can help you create a more defined strategy for using your Facebook Business page to reach your ideal customer.

Creating Facebook Business Ads

If you have the budget, you’ll want to create Facebook Business ads to accompany your business page. These ads allow you to drive targeted traffic to specific posts, your page or directly to your company.

With Facebook Business ads, you can choose your audience based on certain demographics, behaviors or contact information. You can target people based on their age, job title and relationship status. And you can target people in specific locations where you want to do business, and based on their interests and hobbies. You can also focus your efforts on existing customers or people who visit your website and may become customers.

Your Facebook Business ads should be eye-catching and attract the user. They should include a photo, video or a combination of both. The ads can be tailored to collect leads, promote your products or direct people to your website.

With Facebook Business ads, you have complete control over the budget you want to spend and who sees the ad. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different types of ads and different target customers. You can try a video ad that solely targets a younger demographic in a new location in the city you hope to reach. Or you can try a slideshow photo ad that targets all ages who work in healthcare in the next state over. You can pick a budget of $7 a day or $200,000 a week, depending on your overall marketing budget.

Facebook Business ads can also be set to show up for users of a variety of social media sites so that you get reach outside of Facebook itself. These include Instagram, Facebook messenger, the Audience Network and Workplace. All of these sites are owned by Facebook and integrate with the Facebook Business platform. You can choose to have your ad run on any or all of these platforms.

As with your Facebook Business page, you can also view and track insights of your Facebook Business ads. You can see if your ad is reaching the right people, if users are interacting with it the way you’d hoped and if one version of your ad works better than another. This allows you to tweak your ads at any time so that they are more effective and you make better use of your advertising dollars.

Getting Facebook Business Help

When you are ready to jump into Facebook Business to start promoting your company, you may find that you need some help. This is especially true if you plan to do Facebook Business ads.

If you need Facebook Business help, try starting with someone at your company who may be more proficient at social media sites. There may be someone in your marketing or sales department who is comfortable helping you create a Facebook Business account.

If there is nobody in your company is proficient in social media, you may want to work with an external social media marketer. You can hire a consultant or work with a company that can do all the groundwork for you and helps you to track and manage your ad campaigns properly.

Facebook Business help is limited through Facebook itself. While there is no way to call Facebook Business, you can search through frequently asked questions based on the topic you need help with. These include account settings; billing and payment; reporting and insights; and ad delivery and performance.

If you don’t get sufficient Facebook Business help through existing questions, you can post a question to the Facebook community board. There, you get answers from other users of Facebook Business who may be able to answer more specific questions you have.

All of the Facebook Business help on the social media site is available any time of day or night. Since there is not a number to call Facebook Business, you don’t have to worry about getting your questions answered outside of business hours.

Once you get the hang of using Facebook Business, you can become a pro in no time, and won’t need to rely on Facebook Business help.

Getting Started With Facebook Business

Before taking the leap into Facebook Business, have a strategy in place for how you’d like to use your business page and business ads. Know what image you want to convey, the personality you want to have and the ideal customer you want to reach. This will make it easier to set everything up right the first time.

Even if you don’t get it right the first time, remember that you can tweak and change as needed through the Facebook Business manager. With the right combination of text, visuals and ads, you can keep current customers engaged and gain countless new ones. It may take some experimentation and many tweaks to find the exact type of ad that reaches your target customer. Once you do, the results should be worthwhile.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore Facebook Business as part of your overall marketing and advertising strategy. Including Facebook Business is vital in promoting your image and sustaining customers in today’s social media-loving world.