PTA Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser Ideas

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A walk-a-thon fundraiser sponsored by a school's PTA is an excellent way to get the entire community involved in an effort to support school activities and to assist individual students. There are several ideas that your school PTA can utilize in raising money for your school.

Selling Walk-A-Thon Miles

Create promotional materials for your PTA fundraiser walk-a-thon and distribute these materials throughout your community, including sending home a flyer to parents about the event. Accept pledges for sponsors who promise to contribute a specific amount, such as $5, for every mile a person walks. You will need to enlist volunteers who are prepared to put on the tennis shoes for a good cause. Get students and parents involved in your walk-a-thon, from participating in walking a mile or two to handing out cups of water and wet towels to walkers.

Selling Walk-A-Thon Refreshments

Set up booths at your fundraiser to sell various types of refreshments, from water, juices and sodas to homemade baked goods like cookies and fruit cakes to chips, hotdogs and tacos. Ask for volunteers from your PTA membership to help with creating your booths and to make various foods during your event. You may be able to get donations of food and beverages from local business owners in exchange for prominently promoting their business at your walk-a-thon fundraiser.

Selling Walk-A-Thon Gear

Sell walk-a-thon gear like T-shirts and tank tops. CafePress and Zazzle are two online sites where you can upload text and/or a design apparel and other items like tote bags. You can also sell customized items like a school calendar that has images to represent your school. Other items that can be produced for your walk-a-thon include pencils, pens, plastic bracelets and wearable pins that include the name of your event. For example, if you are raising money to aid your school's arts program, create a log such as “Support Jacobs High School: Walking for the Arts.”