Church Advertising Ideas

Much like businesses and organizations, churches often have special events. These events range from church fundraisers and revivals to church trips and Bible camps. Also, churches seek to acquire new members. However, since churches largely depend on donations to operate, they must consider cost-effective ways to promote their events. With a little ingenuity, there are a few creative and inexpensive ways to advertise church events.


Websites are online brochures that can replace traditional brochures and save churches the money needed to mail them out. Additionally, church websites may help individuals look for a new church home and provide information about other ministry programs and services that would be useful to individuals. Using social networking websites such as Facebook to advertise your church, its mission and programs can be a way to reach an abundance of people daily free of charge.

Direct Marketing

Direct mail marketing can be a great way to network with other churches and reach people in the community. However, just because your church is not trying to sell a product does not mean that direct marketing campaigns should be taken lightly. According to, churches must take into consideration who they are marketing to, and include compelling visuals and strong copy. Many communities have multiple churches, so it is important, especially if trying to obtain new members, to create brochures that distinguish your church from other churches.

Word of Mouth

Word-of-mouth advertising has always been the cheapest way of advertising. Churches with larger congregations may find this form of advertising highly effective because having more members provides the advantage of spreading the word faster and to more people. Word of mouth can also be more effective because people may trust their family and friends more than a brochure or billboard.