Home Party Consultation Games

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Home party direct sales businesses are a great way to make money while working for yourself on your own schedule. Some common home party brands are Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and Tastefully Simple. Since parties and gatherings are the primary venue for selling products, it is important to make the experience fun for guests, which will encourage more sales. There are a number of fun games you can play to make your next home party a success.

Icebreaker Games

Icebreaker games help people relax and socialize. Most games involve guests revealing something about themselves. One icebreaker to try at your next consultation begins by having everyone fill out a slip of paper with an interesting fact about themselves. Once everyone has arrived, pull the slips out of a hat, and have the guests guess who the fact is about.

Another icebreaker game is called Pass the Gift. Have a small prize or sample as the gift, and then start a chain of passes based on descriptions you call out from a list. For example, pass the gift to the person that arrived first. That person passes the gift to the person with the most children, and so on. Whoever has the gift at the end of the list of descriptions wins the prize.


Bingo is a great way to introduce your products and engage guests. Create bingo cards with the products' names randomized for each square. Find bingo card templates online or use desktop publishing software to create the cards. When you introduce a product at the party, have guests mark the squares on the bingo card matching the product name. Give out a small gift or product sample as the prize for the first person to get Bingo.

Purse Games

Since guests at home parties are typically women, games involving the contents of purses can liven things up and get people interacting. Some games include variations of the popular game show "Let's Make a Deal" or a scavenger hunt. Divide the group into teams and give them a list of items to be found in the purses of the team members. Include common and obscure items. If possible, find a way to tie the list of items to your company's brand, such as a list of makeup items for a Mary Kay party. Give points for each item based on how common it is. The team with the most points is the winner.

Trivia Games

Trivia games can be easily geared towards your products or your audience. Create a list of questions to pass out to each guest or to ask throughout the party. Reveal the answers as you present or at the end of the demonstration. Give out tickets for each right answer, and award small prizes or samples to the ones with the most tickets.

Prize Drawings

In addition to the prizes given out during official games, it's always fun to have random drawings for unexpected things, like a prize for the person who brought the most guests with them or for the funniest comment of the evening.