How to Make Business Cards in OpenOffice

With the self-employment sector of the economy increasing, the demand for business cards is increasing as well. This is a simple way to take advantage of the technology in your house or office to create eye-catching business cards to promote your business using the Suite.

Get business card sheets for your printer. You can buy these at any office supply store, like Office Depot. Avery Laser Clean-Edge Business Cards are one of the popular brands.

Use the OpenOffice suite Word Processor to create the content of your cards. This is a full office suite much like Microsoft Office. OpenOffice is free for download at

After downloading and installing, start OpenOffice Word Processor. Go to File -> New -> Labels. It is a lot more straight forward than choosing "Business Cards".

On the "Labels" tab, select the "Brand" and "Type" of card you have.

On the "Options" tab check "Synchronize" then click "New Document".

In the upper left card, type in and format whatever you want. This is where you put your business name, your name, slogan, address, phone number, web address, and email address. You can also add a picture of yourself, business building, or whatever object or logo represents you or your business.

When done click "Synchronize" to fill all other cards. If you decide to make a change just do it in the upper left card and Synchronize again.

It's often good to print a normal piece of printer paper first as a test page. Then you can insert your business card paper and print on them. It's a good idea to just print one page at a time if it's your first time printing cards. This will keep you from wasting business card paper.


  • OpenOffice is similar to Microsoft Office. If you know Office then you'll love OpenOffice. Keep in mind the higher quality printer, the higher quality cards you'll print. Be unique and get creative.

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