A letter of intent for a grant is designed to generate interest from a grant provider. It indicates core activities and projects of the organization applying for the grant. The letter serves as a request for materials for a grant and must be written and signed by the organization's director or operations coordinator. This request for application materials also includes information on when you intend to apply for the grant.

Step 1.

List your contact information at the top right of the page. Include your full name, position, name of the organization, address and phone number. Right-justify this information so it sits at the top right.

Step 2.

Type the date. Leave two lines under your contact information, and right-justify the date.

Step 3.

List the grant provider's contact information on the left. Leave two lines under the date, and type the grant provider's full name, title, organization and address. This information and the remainder of the letter should be left-justified.

Step 4.

Open the letter with a formal salutation, followed by a colon. This will be two lines under the grant provider's contact information.

Step 5.

Explain the reason of the letter in the first sentence as well as a formal statement indicating the name of your organization and the grant category for which you are applying.

Step 6.

Provide information about what your organization does. In two to three lines, explain why this grant would be beneficial to your organization's efforts.

Step 7.

Provide a closing statement. Indicate where the application and other relevant materials should be sent. Include information on when you plan to file the application.

Step 8.

End the letter with a signature section. Right-justify "Sincerely," followed by four empty lines for your signature. Type your name, position and the name of the organization.

Step 9.

Print the letter on quality paper.

Step 10.

Sign the letter in black ink, and prepare the letter for mailing.

Things You Will Need
  • Grant provider's contact name and address

  • Professional letter-printing paper

  • Printer


Limit the letter of intent to one page.

A letter of intent can used as a marketing tool to generate interest in your community.


Read all guidelines and specifications for the letter of intent from the grant provider. Avoid adding information for which the grant provider did not ask.