Having fun days at the workplace are a great way to lift team moral and increase productivity by breaking out of the normal routine. Allowing employees to have fun and stay loose at work will get them engaged and produce many positive spin-offs. To make sure fun days happen, select the most creative employees and allow them to form a “fun committee” to plan special events for the staff.

Dress Up Days

Get out of the suit or uniform by allowing employees to wear casual clothes such as jeans, or take it a step further by allowing them to wear costumes. Decide on what everyone is going to wear and make it a group activity so everyone is dressed the same.

Theme Days

Have theme days and transform the office. Themes could include western, Hollywood, athletes, Japanese or Hawaiian. Get everyone to dress up accordingly and serve a themed lunch such as pizza, pub food or sushi. Decorate the office and award prizes for the best dressed.

Prizes for Productivity

Set productivity goals for the day and have prizes for the top employees. Make a presentation at the end of the day to thank them for their extra efforts and allow them to select their gift. Prizes could include gift cards, champagne, event tickets or a paid day off.

Funny Stories and Pictures

Post funny pictures of employees around the office and get everyone to describe their favorite work story. Show a slide show at lunch of some of the lighter moments at work to give everyone a good laugh. Allow people to vote on their favorite pictures and stories and offer a prize for the best one.

Awards Ceremony

Hold an awards ceremony with trophies and prizes. Recognize each employee and make a speech about how they contribute in their own unique way. Make sure to include a funny story about them and award them with a personalized gift. Setup tables and chairs for everyone to gather around, and offer cocktails and appetizers to spice up the ceremony.