Earning the title of Employee of the Year is a big deal. A few people can carry off a month of perfect performance, but a whole year is really remarkable, and the person must be very special -- capable, responsible and patient. In health care, everything from saving a brain to cleaning a shower takes place, and every person is a potential Employee of the Year. When nominating a person for Employee of the Year, present a strong case for your choice.

Step 1.

Relate the job the person does to its importance in the overall workings of the health care facility. If it's cleaning, emphasize how crucial cleanliness is in preventing infection and promoting healing. Or, if an emergency room nurse is able to hide the stress of the E.R. day after day and still has time to help her new co-worker learn the ropes, let that be known. Health care comes with stress, and letting the committee know that your nominee handles stress well is important.

Step 2.

Explain why your nominee is the best at what he does and that he has a "value added” component that makes him a pleasant, respectable and inspiring colleague. Be truthful, and no matter how large or small the accomplishment, if you thought to want to include it, you must feel it means a lot. So tell others how you feel about the nominee and why you are so proud of him.

Step 3.

Write your thoughts on the nomination application simply and to the best of your natural ability. Don’t overreach and get the thesaurus; just write as who you are and why you would love to see your nominee win.