How to Track Construction Projects

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If you are in the construction industry or want to find a job in a large construction company or construction management company, you will need to identify the leads. You must learn how to track construction projects to bid or apply for. You will need to get access to influential people in the industry, construction related journals and regional newspapers. Be patient building your skills and stay open to all types of opportunities to obtain a good construction project to work on.

Keep a careful record of the contractors that you come across while working, people that you share your jobs with or contacts in your company. Experienced professionals in the construction industry will have better leads. Discuss with them the current economic conditions, their impact on the industry and the current on-going construction projects.

Make it a habit to go through all newspaper or journal sections regarding the construction field. Keep yourself up to date by going through the news on television. Go for local or regional level news if you’re tracking a particular project. Gather information, such as the approval of the project at recent city council meetings, how far the construction project has progressed until now and if the project has sufficient contractors and other employees. Make a list of the members of the board meeting, get their contact numbers if possible and contact them directly to know the status of the project. This information is more reliable than any other source, since the members include the real estate attorneys, company CEOs, real estate developers, architects, engineers or land planners.

Search over the internet for construction websites and related blogs or eNewsletters. Though this is time consuming, you can obtain a lot of information from the company blogs. If you are targeting a particular construction project that your competitor is working on, visit your competitors’ website and blog or forum to know the status. There are some websites that can give you a complete analysis regarding any construction project.

Outsource this function to a company or hire someone. There are companies that can help you track the main elements of the construction like an administrative assistant. This can help you save time and you can concentrate on other company activities.


  • Some websites can help you search projects by region or sector, by project stage, category, funding and contract or development type.