Selling dirt is like selling any other product. As a business owner, you need to be efficient, clever and hard-working to beat your competition and earn customers. Although the product is simple, the process of selling it is not. To make a profit from your dirt pit, you need a marketing plan that features business networking and customer service. Avoid costly expenses and your dirt pit could turn into a pile of money.

Things You Will Need
  • Land

  • Back-hoe

Plot out what piece of land you will use to source the dirt. Determine the quality of the pit's dirt. This will guide you in how to market it. Differentiate your dirt from your competitors. Knowing where your dirt fits into the marketplace will help you find the right customers.

Buy earth moving equipment like a back-hoe. Although expensive, this kind of equipment will help you move the large quantities of dirt necessary to make a profit. Rent out the back-hoe when you are not using it for your dirt pit. This will help bring in additional money without taking away from your business.

Help customers find ways to get rid of the construction materials they don't want. Your dirt pit business could become a recycling center for dirt, sand and construction materials. Customers who want to buy dirt may need a place to dump the construction materials they don't want. You can turn around and sell their waste to someone else.

Build partnerships with local construction companies, nurseries and recycling companies. Offer referral discounts and incentives. Every company needs customers. Building partnerships will help you give and receive the referrals necessary to make money selling dirt.

Keep your costs low. Do not spend money on expensive advertisements or high-end computer equipment when your product is simple. This will help you reap more profit out of the business. Focus on free marketing like networking and business partnerships. Use a basic computer with an Internet connection to help you keep records and communicate with customers through free e-mail and social media.