With dwindling raw material supplies and accumulation of waste materials, many recycling businesses that convert waste to reusable products have flourished. A recycling company has the capacity to make a good profit if it uses effective marketing strategies to both procure the necessary waste material and sell the products made from the recycled waste.

Create Awareness for Recycling

Creating awareness about the need to recycle waste can foster a constant source of raw material for your business. Aim awareness programs at both residential and commercial establishments that generate waste. The benefit of such a program is convenience: Encouraging people to separate materials for recycling that you need means you can collect them more easily. You can roll out awareness programs in collaboration with local not-for-profit organizations or municipalities.

Offer Waste Disposal Alternatives

Municipalities continually face waste disposal challenges as landfill space is used up. If your company deals in recycling waste paper, plastic or metals, you can offer to provide alternative disposal for such materials and have people deliver the particular waste materials your business requires to ensure a regular flow. You can further promote your business by opting to operate a collection and disposal business. This way, you gain exposure and can select the materials your business needs while discarding the rest appropriately.

There are several channels you might want to advertise your recycled products, depending on your target market. If your products are for general public use, you might want to take advantage of the traditional advertising channels such as local radio, television and newspapers. You also can run promotions through retail outlets by displaying posters and fliers. On the packaging, highlight the fact that your products have been processed from recycled components.

Establish a Web Presence

Establishing a Web presence is an effective way to market your company. Develop a website dedicated to the promotion of your recycling efforts, and provide information on the kind of waste materials you recycle, the products you generate and how people should deliver their waste materials or purchase your products. Adding photos helps people understand the kind of recycling business you operate. Having an email service for the community, a blog and a fans page on social media are also smart ways to enhance your promotional activities.