How to Get a Farm Subsidy

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Farming and agriculture can be difficult on both the land and the farming family. The United States Department of Agriculture has created subsidy programs to help family farms and small agricultural businesses flourish. Many of these programs involve removing land from agricultural production and letting it lie fallow. In essence, some programs pay you rental money and other incentives NOT to farm your land.

Access the US Department of Agriculture's Farm Service Agency website to review the types of subsidies available, such as conservation, reforestation, wetlands restoration or water protection. Alternately, you can contact your local Soil and Water Conservation District office to see if your land qualifies for a farm subsidy. Note that while most subsidies involve removing land from active production, there are other subsidy programs available for price supports and market losses.

Visit the FSA's Conservation Reserve Program (see Resources) for more information and advice. A helpful service center locator map is on this site. Upon determining the subsidies for which you qualify, complete the application paperwork and submit it during the enrollment period.

Receive rental payments, incentives, cost-share assistance and other benefits as a subsidy for helping to conserve the land and preserve the environment.


  • Remember that once you sign up for CREP and you start receiving farm subsidy benefits, you cannot do any farming on your land for the length of the contract (usually 10 to 15 years).