How to Design Your Own Sports Clothing

When you think of fashion, you probably envision runways and super-thin models. Camera flashes and glitzy sports cars might also come to mind. However, many people are more interested in sports and athletic clothing than they are in high fashion. Many sports lovers feel a need to represent their interests or favorite teams.

Decide which articles of clothing you want to design. Look at other sports clothing to get ideas for your line. Decide whether your line is for athletes, casual wear or both.

Develop designs. Begin by creating a general look, including colors, insignias and cloth types. Create a general aesthetic with one article of clothing. Draw front and back outlines of an article of clothing on your drawing pad.

Experiment with different designs and colors in your outlines. Insignias, logos, or words need to be clear so everyone can read and identify them. Use an additional color to add detail, such as defining lines, collars or sleeve ends.

Select cloth or material for your clothing line. If you are designing a uniform, consider using breathable polyester or nylon. If your sports line is for casual wear, consider light cotton or polyester.

Show your best work to family and friends. Alter your designs based on their feedback, but don't change anything of which you are particularly proud. This is your sports clothing, and it should represent something about you and your interests.


  • Always obey copyright laws for team colors or logos.