List of Fundraising Ideas for Boy Scout Troops

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Fundraising is a part of any club and the Boy Scouts are no exception. Each troop must raise money to support the events that they want to participate in. There are hundreds of fundraising options if you think outside the box. Many fundraising companies cater specifically to the Boy Scouts, so don’t hesitate to ask a company if they will offer a fundraising product or even a special deal for your troop so you can raise money.


A favorite fundraiser for Boy Scouts is edible products. There are hundreds of options to choose from to meet a variety of tastes. Cookie dough is a tasty treat that is popular with people of all ages. Popcorn, candy, prebaked cookies, gourmet pizzas, tea, coffee, hot chocolate powder, frozen desserts, exotic spices, cheese, sausages and almost any other food you can think of will work as an edible fund raiser.


Selling non-edibles is another good way to raise money for a Boy Scout troop. There are many things that the troop can sell, including Christmas wreaths, wrapping paper and decorations at Christmas time; flowers and bulbs in the spring and fall; collecting empty printer cartridges and other electronic waste to sell for cash; coupon books; lottery scratch cards and environmentally friendly products of all kinds. Sell a variety of products to maximize earning potential.


Boy Scouts are typically responsible, strong youths. Take advantage of manpower by hosting a fundraiser that uses physical skills. Host a car wash, lawn drive, housecleaning or painting. You can also ask healthy people to pay to sponsor the troop helping the elderly or disabled. Charge a reasonable fee for the services to raise money for your troop. Not only will people feel happy about receiving useful services, but the public opinion of the troop will rise.

Fair or Run

Partner with several Boy Scout troops in the area, or other youth organizations to create a fundraising fair, walk or run. Ask local businesses to sponsor the event and donate the money necessary to host the event. Charge an entrance fee for participants. For a walk, bike or run, charge an entrance fee for each racer. For a fair, charge vendors a fee for selling their goods at the event. The Boy Scout troops can also sell products at the event to make even more money. If you add another charity to the event, such as animal shelters or children’s charities, you will be able to bring in even more sponsors and vendors.