Paying large medical bills for a baby can be overwhelming for some families. Raising funds for the family to help cover these costs will help them recover financially as well as emotionally from this stressful situation. Everyone loves babies and can sympathize with an unexpected medical condition -- so they are willing to help a good cause. With a little planning and time you can head a fundraiser to help a family with a sick or recovering baby.

Rummage Sale

Collecting items from people and hosting a rummage sale can raise money. Advertise through your church, paper or community calendar that you are looking for donations for the rummage sale. Include a deadline, phone numbers to call and drop off locations and times. The advertising can be free as a press release in the newspaper classified section, on a local tv station or website. When the time is near, advertise the sale with any exceptional items that were donated to lure potential buyers. Have the rummage sale in an easy-to-find location centrally located in the community to encourage more people to come and buy the donated items. Present the proceeds to the family.

Selling New Items

There are many companies that offer fundraising programs with items to pre-order and sell to people. Most of these programs have the participants use an order blank to take down orders and collect the money. The items are ordered and paid for and the remainder of the money goes toward the cause. Items are shipped to the participants of the fundraiser to be delivered to the customers. Another way to do this type of fundraising is to purchase a large amount of items to sell and mark up the price to make money. For example, you could buy a large quantity of candy bars at a discount and resell them for double, using the profit as proceeds for the family in need.


Raffles are a hit because someone has the chance to win an expensive or sought after prize for a minimum amount of money. The key is to get as many donations as possible and the bigger the item, the better. After you have collected the donated prizes you can then sell tickets. Have a list of the prizes either printed on the raffle tickets or on-hand to show people. Have several people sell raffle tickets. On the raffle day, designate a person like the parent of the baby or a sibling to pick the winning tickets from a basket and reveal the winners.

Baby Photo Contest

This is an especially appropriate fundraiser for a baby since it involves babies. Host a baby photo contest. Have an entry fee for the photos and offer some donated prizes that you have collected previously. Set up the photos in a public area like the hospital lobby, street fair or other public event so people can vote on their favorite baby photo. The winning photos get the prizes and the entry fees are all donated to the family.