Ideas for a Church Building Fundraiser

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There are literally hundreds of ideas that are suitable for a church building fundraiser. The following suggestions are relatively inexpensive to set up and can work well as long-term fundraisers, if necessary. It's feasible to run them after the actual building phase has been completed, as well, in order to raise additional funds throughout the year.

50/50 Raffle

A 50/50 raffle is one of the easiest fundraisers to put together. All that is needed is a large container to draw tickets out of, a roll of two-part raffle tickets and ticket buyers. Tickets are sold for a set amount, such as $1 each or 6 for $5.

After everyone purchases their tickets, a winning ticket is drawn. The winner receives half of the money collected, and the other half goes to the church. (However, the winner always has the option of donating his share of the pot back to the organization.)

You can easily hold a raffle at the end of every service or church meeting for a certain period of time. This way, donations will continue to grow. It is important to note that 50/50 raffles aren't legal in every state. Familiarize yourself with your state's laws before planning this type of fundraising event.

Donation Cans

Once a donation can fundraiser is set up, it continues to raise money with a minimal amount of effort on the church's part. Cut holes in the lids of empty plastic coffee cans. Create fliers that explain why you are asking for donations and glue them to the cans.

Approach local merchants and ask them to display the cans within reach of their registers. During the checkout process, many people don't think twice about dropping their change into a donation can. Appoint someone to collect donations at least once a week.

Skip a Meal

A skip-a-meal fundraiser generates funds without the need of hosting an event. Create a flier that details the reasons behind the donation request; make sure to include an address to send donations to. Post it in public areas and ask local merchants to display them near the cash registers.

Ask that community members donate either the cost of one restaurant or one make-at-home meal to the cause. Take the idea one step further by asking restaurant owners to donate a portion of a single day's profits to the church building fund.