Police Fundraising Ideas

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The best fundraising ideas for police remind the community about the multiple services the force offers, and they provide ways for individuals to help support officers. Easy support methods mean asking large groups of people for small donations rather than asking small groups for large donations. Keep overhead costs of the fundraiser low by using volunteers and donated goods whenever possible.


If you can secure a large parking lot with water access and plenty of volunteers, a carwash fundraiser for police can bring in a surprising amount of money. Keep the overhead cost low by asking volunteers to bring their own buckets, towels, sponges and hoses. Other items needed for the carwash include soap, wax, window cleaner and tire cleaner.

Police-themed advertising for the carwash can include comical signs, such as "Police Carwash Fundraiser: Keep Your Car Looking Good Even If You Get Pulled Over." A list of various services and prices, such as a basic wash for $5 or a wash and wax for $8, provides choices for any budget.

Chili Cook-Off

Turn a basic fundraiser into a culinary feast with a chili cook-off contest. Donated prizes, such as a new television for the best meat chili, help entice local cooks to enter the contest. Charging a fee for each chili entry and selling small sample bowls of each recipe help raise money. A volunteer judging panel comprised of local celebrities helps add an "official" feel to the event.

If the community doesn’t have enough local cooks to support a community chili cook-off, throw a "police vs. firefighter" cook-off. Each separate police precinct and firehouse enters a chili recipe in the cook-off. People pay to taste small samples of each recipe and vote for the one they like best. The winning recipe can be featured in the local newspaper, or you can sell small pamphlets containing each recipe in the cook-off.

Duck Race

A duck race fundraiser for police requires a river and a truckload of rubber ducks. Each duck has a number written on the bottom that corresponds to a ticket. People buy a ticket for each duck they want in the race. The ducks are dumped in the river, and the first one to float across the finish line wins. The fundraiser requires an impressive donated prize for large ticket sales, such as a new hot tub or snowmobile.


Raffles can require nothing more than a roll of tickets, which makes them one of the easiest and most popular types of fundraisers. Fifty-fifty raffles split the overall ticket sales between the police fund and the raffle winner, which means the only overhead cost is a roll of tickets.

Prize raffles require donated goods from a local business, or the prize could cost more money than the fundraisers raise. It's important to advertise the prize for a prize raffle to help increase ticket sales. However, raffle tickets and advertising are usually the only overhead costs.