Corporations, small businesses and nonprofits frequently pay to advertise jobs in local or national newspapers. Yet, for the human resource department, there is no guarantee that this investment will yield a suitable candidate. Increasingly, employers who have job openings are looking for alternatives to paid job posting. Using free sources to post vacancy announcements can help companies conserve funds. You can find quality candidates without spending your entire recruitment budget using quality, highly trafficked Web sites and community services.

Conventional Job Boards

According to Reuters, in 2009, some of the country's major job boards waived job-posting fees in an effort to connect employers and job seekers. is the largest in this category. However, 50 State Jobs and other boards have also offered free job postings for employers. Some nonprofit-oriented job boards, such as Idealist, also waived fees temporarily or for specific periods during 2009. The Deep Sweep nonprofit job board is a free service for employers and job seekers.

Free Online Classifieds

Craigslist is the nation's largest free classified ad provider, but it now charges for job postings in most cities. You can still post free job announcements on Kijiji, an online classified service owned by eBay. This site has been operating since 2007 and covers nearly as many U.S. cities as Craigslist, as well as some in Canada.

Social Media Sites

Many social media sites have free classifieds and job-posting options. Once you register and join these sites, you can send your job vacancy announcements through the social media network directly or by using job boards for specific groups and industries. LinkedIn and Twitter are two of the most active sites; both allow you to target your job postings by participating in appropriate interest groups.

On LinkedIn, once you create a profile and join groups, you can post positions in discussions or on each group's job board. To post on Twitter, you simply tweet your job opportunities to your followers. After you register, look around the site and start following some of the key people whose interests fit your mission. As you gain followers and update your status messages, you can inform people of your job opportunities. With only 140 characters, you need to practice brevity and create short URLs that link to the full job description on your site. Twitter has quite a few job feeds that you can use as examples for implementing a social media job posting strategy.

More Alternatives

The nation's labor departments do not charge fees for employment posting. Because the unemployed must register with the state labor office, your vacancy announcement will get plenty of views from eager, motivated applicants. Visit the U.S. Department of Labor to find the labor department for every state. Most college and university career services offices do not charge fees for posting your job announcements. In addition to providing information to current students, many career service offices also provide job leads to alumni through newsletters and special e-mails. Don't overlook national associations and community organizations that may be relevant to your recruitment needs. Contact them to find out if they provide job leads to their members.