How to Write a Letter of Intent for a Potential New Position Opening at Work

by Melanie J. Martin; Updated September 26, 2017
A letter of intent reminds employers they have qualified candidates at home.

When you hear that a new position may be opening at work, and it sounds like a great opportunity for you, don't wait until the company advertises the job. Write a letter of intent to apply for the position to show your ambition and give yourself the best chance of getting the job. Your employer may feel pleased that you wish to move up in the company, seeing you as a hardworking and loyal employee.

Step 1

Target a position that makes use of your specific skills, since applying for every available position will make you seem unfocused, as Therese Droste writes on the Monster website. Address the letter to the person in charge of filling the position.

Step 2

Introduce yourself in the first paragraph just as professionally as you would for a position with another company, even if you personally know the person in charge of hiring. State the position you're interested in, and why you feel you're a good fit. Name the position you currently work in to avoid confusion. Someone applying from outside could have the same name, and people who don't know you personally may review the letter. Express your appreciation for the opportunity to work for your company in the first paragraph of your letter.

Step 3

Outline your accomplishments that have prepared you for the new position. State your recent accomplishments in the company as well as significant past achievements. Don't expect the reader to know your accomplishments, even if you feel she should. The reader may be busy and distracted, and needs a clear summary of how you have benefited the company.

Step 4

Show your inside knowledge of the company, and how you would benefit the company with this knowledge. Share an insight or idea about how you could improve the company's current practices, to give a taste of what you could accomplish. If you're working as an assistant in the marketing department and wish to move up, share your idea for a new marketing campaign. Be as specific as possible in talking about how you'll accomplish your goals in the new position.

Step 5

Tell your boss you are submitting the letter, and in doing so, express your appreciation for the opportunity to work in your current position. Even if you're not satisfied with the position, focus on what you do like about it, and what you appreciate about your boss. Prevent hard feelings from developing when you apply for a promotion by expressing your thanks in this way.

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