Savin is a producer of business class copiers, printers and scanners. Some Savin copier models include the C9020, C7570, 9025 and 8045E. If you have a Savin copier and it malfunctions, you can do some basic troubleshooting to resolve the issue. In the case that the troubleshooting proves unsuccessful, contact a Savin customer service representative for service options.

Savin Website Support

Savin copiers use error messages and indicator lights to let users know when the machine is not functioning properly. Potential error messages that may appear include “Misfeed,” “Load Paper,” “Waste Toner Full” and “Service Call.” These messages can let you know what troubleshooting methods you should perform on the copier. For the error message symbols and corresponding action to take, you can download your copier’s product manual through the Savin website. Panel tone explanations can also be found here. For example, if you hear five short beeps, it indicates a problem with the machine, such as a paper jam.

You may need to update the driver for your Savin copier. To do this, go to the product page for your copier on the Savin website. Choose your operating system from the “Driver” menu to download the update.

Operation Problems

If your Savin copier is not operating correctly, you have several options to resolve the issue on your own. One problem you may have is that you can’t use the copier immediately after turning it on. Often, waiting a few minutes can fix the problem since this gives the machine time to warm up.

Enter your password or user code. Some Savin copiers allow you to block operation by requiring users to enter either a password or designated user code. Enter this information when prompted in order to operate the copier.

Check the settings for your Savin copier to make sure you have the right size and type of paper indicated under the “Tray Paper Settings” menu. Access this menu from the main panel of the copier.

Paper Jams

Since Savin copiers have multiple ports, the machine will display where the paper jam is located on the control panel. For instance, “P” means that the jam is in the paper feeder at the top of the machine.

To clear the jammed paper, open the cover to the compartment where the display has indicated. Pull the paper away from the machine until you have completely removed it from the feed.