Places to Sell Stuff Online for Free

Selling stuff online is one of the ways people have taken commercial advantage of the Internet and a worldwide market. While some online marketplaces allow you to sell things for free, the more traditional route has been to have your own online store or sell on such global online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. These places charge a fee per product sold, but they also have better exposure because most people go to Amazon or eBay to shop first before any other online store. Here are some places to sell stuff online for free.

A Few Words of Caution

The stores mentioned below are only for your information. You will need to evaluate them based on your own due diligence. This article in no way endorses these stores over others. Another thing to remember is that opportunities that are free and have no upfront costs coupled with multilevel marketing (MLM) tend to attract unmotivated and untested business owners.

Free Store Club

Free Store Club is an online marketplace as well as a multilevel or network marketing system. The parent company is based in Lexington, N.C., where it has its business operations as well as a warehouse from which it drop-ships merchandise. When you sign up for a free store, you get two Web sites instantly: one that is a store and the other to recruit other people to become FSC members. You make a profit from the merchandise you sell. The company takes care of shipping the goods while you collect a monthly check. You are also able to earn residuals from the effort of your recruits if you upgrade to the silver or gold memberships, which are paid.


MyStore is an online marketplace much like eBay and Amazon, but you can sell completely for free, there are no listing fees and you collect your money directly. MyStore does not share your profits. The site is supported by advertising for free stores and by a nominal fee for pro stores. You are also selling your own stuff or whatever else you may please. For an additional fee of $8 a month (in 2009), you can own a pro store that is more customizable and you can sell an unlimited number of items. It comes with such features as opportunity to sell products that can be downloaded, which is especially useful to musicians and other artists.