Ideas for Makeup Business Names


It's an exciting, busy and nerve-racking time when you're preparing to enter the lucrative cosmetic or beauty industry. As you try to pull suitable ideas for makeup business names out of your crowded mind, you're also learning Food and Drug Administration regulations for manufacturing and labeling, finding niche areas where you'll shine, designing a suitable logo and researching trademark laws. Don't settle for a mediocre name just to save time.

But a Name's Just a Name, Right?

Wrong. The beauty market is competitive, and things can turn ugly for entrepreneurs who choose puzzling or forgettable makeup group names. A short, fitting and easy-to-remember name or one that gives a nod to your particular values, quality or product benefits, influences consumer choice. Before you begin to shortlist appropriate catchy names for your cosmetic venture, achieve focus by answering a few important questions:

  • Who is my target audience? Teenagers, an ethnic group, mature folks or executive men, for instance.
  • What problems do my products solve? Maybe they moisturize dry skin or help freckled folks learn to love their "sun kisses." 
  • Who are my competitors? List at least three.
  • How is my company different from the competition? For example, you might plan to use state-of-the-art packaging or offer a product that addresses a beauty pain point.

Make Up a Name

It's no secret that makeup business names tend to be feminine, sultry, snappy, humorous, romantic, edgy or relate to the organic or all-natural trend. When you think of your business niche, which words come to mind? Jot them all down. Then, find ways to twist or expand on them until you have a shortlist of catchy names for a makeup business. Keep your aim or mission statement in mind, while using the following list for inspiration:

  • Complete Me
  • Face First Cosmetics
  • Face It 
  • Awake Face
  • Cheek to Cheek, So Cheeky or Cheek Co.
  • Sheer Beauty
  • Freckle Love
  • SensiSkin, Skin Tight or His Skin
  • Lashie, LashMe, Lashly or Lash Lass  
  • Creme Puff Cosmetics
  • Grateful Shades
  • Lip Service
  • Lips Chic, Lipster, Lippie Chic
  • Age Blur
  • Face Prints
  • Bellus

    Latin for beautiful * Organiku –

    Maltese for organic

If a name you want is already taken, resist the urge to simply tack another word to it or alter it slightly. Although doing so might help you avoid trademark infringement laws, companies with similar names are forever competing for consumer attention, such as when shoppers search the internet.

Hold a Makeup Names Contest

Having trouble coming up with makeup names on your own? Have a contest to prompt ideas. Get your community involved through social media, the press and by word-of-mouth. The more you spread your new venture's story, the better for brand awareness. Give participants an outline that includes your company's aim, mission statement and other insight that they should use to come up with fitting choices. A gift basket filled to the brim with your beauty goodies makes a savvy prize for the winner.

Generate Makeup Business Names

What could be easier than punching a few fitting words into a business-name generator, and then scrolling through the oodles of options it spits out? Although such a tool can help you match a makeup business name to an available domain for your website, it won't necessarily guarantee that the names generated are legally available for use.

Buy a Name

Reputable branding agencies suggest legally available business names, saving new entrepreneurs time and worry. But buying a business name can put a big dent in your startup capital; branding agencies typically attain and hold some of the best business names, marking them up for serious financial gain. Only you can decide if paying big bucks for a name is the right option.

When you finally find the perfect name, either by yourself or with outside help, register it and your logo with your government trademark office to make it legal. Then, work diligently to make it known.