A business center is collective of businesses based on the same premises. If you have bought a large property and leasing the offices, then you will want to name the center. It will enable the building to obtain a more specific identity and give the tenants a more formal address. However, naming the business may be challenging because there are many different options to choose from. Consulting a business partner or colleague will help you narrow down the option until you find a name that fits.

Things You Will Need
  • Dictionary

  • Business journals or magazines

Research the types of businesses already leasing premises or due to lease premises in the business center. Find out what their trade is as this could give the business center a unique identity. For example, if the businesses are all within the finance sector you could choose a name that reflects this such as "City Finance Center." Or, if there is a large blue chip company in the building, then you could ask them if they would sponsor the center to adopt its name.

Write down words relating to the area, position in the city or state. For example, if the business center is in Las Vegas, it could be called "The Casino Business Center," or if it is Texas, it could be the "Texas Cactus Business Center." At a more basic level, you could take the street as the location's name.

Confirm if you want to include the words "Business" or "Center" in the title of the business center. This will enable you to narrow down the names you will select. It may be helpful to include "Business Center" because it automatically distinguishes what it is. However, if the center contains a gym or yoga studio, it might not be suitable to use the word "business" which is more associated with finance industries instead of sports.

Brainstorm ideas. Draw a mind map to generate different ideas. For example, if you like the phrase "Gold Business Center," then list associated ideas such as "The Element," "Rock" or "Carat" to be inventive and avoid the obvious. Challenge yourself to come up with at least 10 ideas so you can be sure you pursued all styles and possibilities.

Refer to a dictionary, magazines or business journals for inspiration. Identify usual or provocative words that may be suitable for the business center and add them to your list. For instance, "venture," or 'logic" are practical business words that may be suitable.

Experiment with foreign words to name the business center. Spanish or French are romantic languages that could add extra dynamism to the center. "Negocio" means business in Spanish, or "La Firme" means company in French. Simply translate popular English words into another language and determine whether you like it.

Check that your final selection of names does not already exist. It is possible to name the business center after a place, but it may be confusing if you simply copy the name of a business center in the district. In the future, you might also want to start a web page and not be able to register a suitable domain name as it is already taken.


Keep the name of your business center short and simple. It needs to be easily remembered and too many words could affect the location's signage. Avoid using a pun to name the business center, such as "Center of Business Centers." It may be perceived as a bit tacky.