Starting a non-profit business is a noble idea, but it is just as difficult to run as a for-profit business, if not more difficult. There are many types of non-profit businesses, ranging from animal protection agencies to homeless shelters. Whatever your passion, there is a non-profit business that you can start to help that cause.


If you love animals and are concerned about them, there are several non-profit businesses that you can start. Whether you want to advocate for domestic animals, exotic animals, or endangered species, you can tailor the following business ideas to suit your niche: animal sanctuary; dog or cat shelter; pet adoption agency; free, educational petting zoo; animal protection fund; animal science scholarship fund; marine animal conservation agency.


Education non-profit organizations are greatly needed in this country and abroad. This is a concern shared by many citizens, so gaining public support for your education non-profit organization will not be a difficult task. Here are some business ideas for education non-profit organizations: free tutoring center; adult literary center; free library; children's museum; book mobile business; college education fund; early learning center; free childcare center for the economically disadvantaged; after-school center for at-risk youth; English as a second language tutoring center; computer learning center; career training fund for the economically disadvantaged; scholarship fund for students wanting to become educators; or a program to help local high school dropouts obtain their GED.


Youth non-profit businesses can aim to help any child, from infants to young adults. These non-profit businesses tend to be ideal for those with a background in child psychology or social work. Consider these ideas if you are looking to start a non-profit business for youth: home for pregnant teen mothers; boot camp for at-risk youth; mentoring program for children and teens; agency that provides clothing for children and teens who need it; career shadowing program for economically-disadvantaged and at-risk youth; daycare center for teen parents; program that helps local teen mothers complete their high school education; or a program that allows economically-disadvantaged children with disabilities receive the therapy and health care.


The arts include everything from music to dance and theater. If you have a background in visual or performing arts and would like to bring your passion to others who may not otherwise experience it, consider starting a non-profit business that promotes the arts. Performing and visual arts non-profit group ideas include: art camp for differently-abled children; art therapy camp for at-risk children; non-profit art gallery or museum; fund to keep art and music classes in local public schools; program to help independent artists and musicians have affordable, quality healthcare; legal defense fund for artists and musicians; performing arts center; theater classes for at-risk youth; fund to pay for instruments for economically-disadvantaged students; program that allows at-risk and economically-disadvantaged students attend performing arts shows; or a music education fund for local schools.