Flyer Distribution Tips

Even though the advertising method has been around for hundreds of years, distributing flyers is still an effective way to get your information in the hands of consumers. Just like any other form of advertising, dedication to the cause is important, and will help convince customers to give your company a try. It is the same if you’re not selling a product, but an idea instead. A well-distributed flyer can win people to your cause.

People Concerns

Assemble a team of people who are, above all, personable and quick learners. Some of those who take flyers will actually want to ask questions about what you are selling. If they can’t answer the questions, you could lose revenue. You can build your team very easily by hiring a cutting-edge marketing agency's "brand ambassadors" to generate some excitement. For example, one agency uses a "two-pronged approach" in which a street team heads out to high-traffic areas during the day for many brief advertising encounters. This includes handing out flyers and answering questions. At night, the same team engages in much closer interaction with fewer people, building a deeper impression of your event or brand. Hold an orientation session before the flyers are distributed to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Prepare your distribution team (even if it’s just you) for the frustrations of flyer distribution. Not only will your feet hurt, but as Joel Seah notes, you’ll run into “occasional [unpleasant] dogs and unwelcoming home owners.”

Hand fliers to people with more than just a nod. If you don’t engage a person, he or she will just crumple the flyer and walk by. Ask them a question, or tell them something nice about something relatively safe. The weather, for example, is usually a safe topic. (You should also, from time to time, make sure there aren’t a bunch of your flyers littering the area; people won’t think well of your product of service.)

Offer passersby something very small of value. Even if it’s a piece of gum or a lollipop, many people will be more likely to treat your flyer with respect if you give them something for free. Further, the flyer itself should look professional, convincing those who take it to consider it carefully.


Arrange for your flyers to be distributed at functions that fall in line with your business or cause. For instance, you’re selling baseball uniforms, call the commissioners of local Little League groups to see if your flyers can be included in the packet of papers parents receive.

Partner with another business that advertises with flyers. If you can lend them your team and vice versa, you can speed up distribution times and efficiency.


Check with people in the area to see what the response was to your flyer. The people at Flyer Writer advise you to “confirm distribution yourself either in person, or by calling friends or relatives in the target area to make sure your flyer was delivered.”