Massage Therapy Business Card Ideas

A business card is one of the ways potential customers may be attracted to your business. If you are creating a business card to solicit massage services, make your card appear soothing and relaxing. Get samples from other massage businesses and see what has worked for them. Once you have created your business cards, put them up on community bulletin boards and pass them out to everyone, since everyone enjoys a good massage.


Place a picture or a logo on your card that indicates to potential clients that you provide massage services. Snap your own photo or have a friend do it. There are also websites such as that charge a small fee and sell a variety of high-quality photos for you to place on your card. Choose a picture that shows the element of relaxation. Choose candles that are lit or a picture of someone receiving a massage. Place your picture as your background photo and layer your text on top of it, or have a smaller photo in the corner of your business card.


If you have received a massage certification or graduated from massage school, indicate this on the card. This will entice potential clients and shows that you are an expert in the field of massage. If you attended a massage school that is reputable, this will also help your credentials so put the name on your card. If you have a massage certification number, print that number on your business card.


If you are providing massage services in your home, place wording on the card that advises this to potential customers. You can say something like “at-home services.” Another idea is to write a tag line on your card that makes your business stand out. For example, “Relaxation is only a massage away” or “Comfort is in the palm of my hand.” If you provide traveling home services by visiting clients and performing massages in the comfort of their home, be sure to indicate this on the card with a simple “We come to you.” This may spark the interest of potential clients. Indicate your hours of operation for your services.