Grand Opening Announcement Ideas

When you are starting a new business or opening a new store, you want to draw plenty of attention to your new venture by sending out a Grand Opening announcement to people in the areas that you plan to serve. The more exposure, the better chance your business has to succeed. Here are some ideas to help make your Grand Opening a success.

Advertisement Appearance

The appearance and design of your Grand Opening announcement makes a difference in how many people notice it, as well as how they respond to it. Use a bright-colored paper or ink, in order to stand out from other advertisements and announcements. Use large lettering with clear verbiage. Don't clutter the announcement with long paragraphs; use minimal wording to get your point across about your business and what it offers so that a potential customer can scan through and read it quickly.

Sale Items

Lure potential customers to your Grand Opening by offering sales that simply cannot be resisted. Whether you decide to slash prices on a few key items, remember that a sale gets customers into your business or store. Choose a few items or services that you can offer at a 50-percent discount and note those sales on your Grand Opening announcement with images and large lettering.


Use promotions and free gear to get potential customers to your Grand Opening so that they can check out the rest of your products or services. Things like free food or drinks, raffles and contests can all bring customers into your Grand Opening. Make note of these promotions in your Grand Opening announcement.

Type of Announcement

Remember that you can use different platforms for your Grand Opening announcement, depending on your budget. Fliers, radio announcements, TV commercials, newspaper ads and press releases, as well as signage are all effective ways to get the word out about your Grand Opening.