Volunteer Newsletter Ideas

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Whether you're constructing a newsletter for a non-profit organization, church or school group, construct volunteer newsletter ideas that will inform and entertain your readers. Although it's much smaller than a newspaper or a magazine, a newsletter doesn't have to lack content. Give your volunteers short and concise information in an attractive newsletter package that's full of information they can use.

Volunteer Opportunities

Give readers information on your organization's upcoming volunteer opportunities. Your newsletter should give the readers everything they need to know about getting involved in the volunteer opportunities. In the newsletter volunteer opportunities section, include specific dates, locations, hours needed, as well as the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the persons in charge. Present the information in a calendar format with the specific days marked. Construct the newsletter so volunteers can detach the calendar and use it as a portable guide.

Volunteer Spotlight

In each newsletter, feature one of the organization's volunteers in a volunteer spotlight section. The newsletter volunteer spotlight section will give readers insight into the person's life. It will let readers know what motivates the person to donate his time and resources to volunteer for the organization. For this volunteer newsletter idea, include a picture of the volunteer to accompany the feature.

Meal Ideas

Feature a quick, easy and healthy recipe section in your volunteer newsletter. This volunteer newsletter idea takes into consideration those who are constantly on the go helping out with the organization and do not have lots of time to cook. Since volunteers could be called upon to help out all hours of the day, include meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meal ideas section of the newsletter should give the readers step-by-step instructions for each recipes. Nutritional information should also be included in this section.


Research area businesses for discounts, and present it in the volunteer newsletter. Your discounts and deals section of the newsletter should give readers information on a variety of discounts. It should appeal to the newsletter's target audience. Volunteers with families could be interested in discounts to family restaurants, zoos, children's museums, amusement parks and other businesses that cater to families. However, if your volunteers are single, they could be interested in discounts to nightclubs, bars and movie theaters.