Unique Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

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Introduce a unique fundraising event to your organization, and community, by requesting participation rather than just asking for money. Non-profit organizations rely solely on fundraising and volunteers to make the charity function. Implement different ideas, such as a dog show or balloon release, to drive potential donors to donate money or time to the organization.

Charity Pet Show

Organize a charity pet show for the next fundraiser. Locate a proper venue such as a local park or empty grass lot to hold the event. The location should offer plenty of shade, an area where a large crowd can stand, and a dog watering and bathroom area. Once you've purchased permits for the area, draw up a flyer that lists the event along with the judging qualifications and standards. Judging can consist of prettiest eyes, best personality, waggiest tail, best breed and best dog trick. Award prizes such as large dog treats, trophies and certificates to the winners. Charge an entry fee for dog owners.

Flower Fundraiser

Enhance the beauty of the community by hosting a fresh flower fundraiser. Talk to local garden centers and ask for donations for flowers to sell at a fundraiser. Garden centers may offer a large quantity of annual flowers, especially if the fundraiser is held out of season for their selection. Once you've selected a venue, send out a community flyer to advertise the fundraiser. The flyer can also be passed out at schools, local newspapers and handed out in parking lots. Increase traffic flow by displaying what the money raised will go towards, and pass out information brochures on the organization.

Art Show

Hold an art show to display the work of local talent. Depending on what the fundraiser is for, such as a school or church organization, contact people who will be willing to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. School organizations can receive donations from staff and students, whereas a church group may extend the invitation to the congregation and the community. Hold the event in an indoor area, such as a church basement, and offer information about the fundraiser and have light refreshments for purchase. Price the art work to sell, and let customers know that all proceeds to go the fundraiser.

Balloon Day

Release a mass of balloons into the sky that will create a beautiful visual, but also raise money for charity. Prior to the balloon release create a flyer or posters to place around town advertising balloons for sale. Consider selling the balloons for $5 or $10 for three balloons. Inform participants to come one to two hours early before the official release to claim their balloons and write their names on the balloon. Participants can also write special messages on the balloons about the organization they support. At the official time, release the balloons into the sky.