You have to do double duty when marketing your modeling agency. First, you have to market yourself to potential models. Second, you have to market the agency to potential clients. These two tasks can work together if you understand some tricks of the trade. Finding models and finding clients can become one seamless effort.

Open Calls

You could put a notice in online classified ads in local talent publications that announces that you are holding an open call. This is a daylong session where models can drop by your place of business to say hello and leave you sample pictures. An open call can be particularly effective if you announce that you are looking for a specific type of model for an upcoming job. Even if you only choose one model, you can keep the information on the rest on file for future reasons.


Instead of asking models to come to you, you can go looking for them. Visit local shopping malls and parks, and keep an eye out for people who might make good models for your agency. Approach them in a respectful and businesslike manner, and don't make extravagant promises. Ask for permission to give them your card and tell them you look forward to their calls. This approach will let potential models know that you are a serious businessperson.

Advertising for Models

A legitimate modeling agency does not charge models to sign up. When you advertise on your website or in display ads you place in magazines, make it clear that you are a no-fee agency looking for models for actual client projects. This will attract the highest-quality models who are used to doing business with agencies that pay them instead of vice versa.


Businesses that need models for an advertising campaign seldom look for the models themselves. They rely on ad agencies and photographers to find appropriate models. Create what is called a "comp card," which is a compilation of photos of some of your best models. This card should have your contact information on it. Drop by advertising agencies and photography studios to talk about your services and leave your comp card. You can also go to fashion designers, because they often use models to feature their new clothing lines.


Every time one of your models completes an assignment successfully, don't keep it a secret. Through updates on social media, announce that your agency provided the model or models for an advertising campaign, fashion show or photography session. You can also announce this through a press release that goes to the media. List the new credit on your website so potential clients can see that your agency is active and effective.