Spring Fundraising Ideas

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Spring is a great time to organize a community event to raise funds for your chosen charity or organization. As winter fades from memory, celebrate the brightness of spring by gathering friends and family to help organize a successful fundraiser that takes advantage of the sunshine while promoting a worthwhile cause.


As the weather warms up, people will be eager to have a reason to leave their homes and shed some winter weight. Celebrate springtime by organizing a community jog-a-thon. Set up a designated 5k route through your town or around a track at a local school. Invite local businesses to support the race and ask participants to pay an entry fee or solicit sponsorships. Ask a local celebrity, like a popular singer, news anchor, or mayor, to lead the run and promote the event.

Spring Tea Party

Draw people outdoors at the height of spring with a tea party. Hold a charity tea party in a local park or garden. Ask attendees to dress for a garden party and sell tickets in advance and at the door. Serve fare like tea, cakes, scones and lemonade. The party can also include a spring bonnet contest. Invite attendees to wear their craziest, biggest or most elegant spring hats. In the middle of the party, invite contest participants to line up and show off their bonnets. The audience can vote by applause for the winner who can then be awarded a spring-themed gift like a floral bouquet.

Car Wash

A car wash is a simple and classic spring fundraiser. Choose a well-located and accessible parking lot at a community center, church, or local school. Ask volunteers to bring car wash supplies like buckets, sponges, rags and window cleaner. Make plenty of signs for people to hold at the side of the road to draw attention and alert passing drivers. Ask for a flat suggested donation, and remember to tell drivers about your charity or organization while their cars are being cleaned.

Spring Basket Auction

A spring basket auction can be held outside as a stand-alone event or as a part of a larger community spring celebration. Ask participants to create themed gift baskets, either individually or in small groups. The baskets are donated to the fundraiser and are then sold at a silent auction. Consider including a candy basket, a gardening basket, a baking basket and a runner’s basket. Solicit donations from local businesses and service providers. Offer a variety of baskets for different age groups, including children and grandparents.