Sales techniques are key when it comes to making sure goals are achieved. In regard to hospitality marketing, proven and useful means of increasing and stabilizing sales are essential in making sure your property or service is one that is used time and time again. Hospitality marketing's goal is bringing in both new and repeat business to beef up the bottom line.

Social Media Outlets

The use of social media outlets is a cost-effective and far-reaching method to get marketing messages out to the public. You can use social media to announce special pricing promotions and package specials or tout new features and services. You can track how many users view and visit your social media page and can then approach those frequent visitors directly to follow through with your most interested potential customers.

Take Care of Repeat Customers

Repeat clientele is one of the most dependable vehicles within the hospitality industry to generate revenue. Loyal customers are highly valuable if they are cared for properly because they will likely continue to spend money at your property. Catering to repeat customers is a significant aspect of hospitality marketing that differentiates it from marketing in other industries. You can offer loyalty programs for repeat guests in the form of discounts, loyalty cards and incentive programs to make repeat business a top priority in your marketing plan.

Expand Your Potential Customer Base

Though you want to satisfy your loyal guests, you also want to expand your horizons to seek out new customers. Use the methods you typically use to market and expand the base to include other demographics, regions and types of clientele. The use of social media, traditional advertising, direct mailers and email communication can all be instrumental in marketing your business to large groups of people. For example, if your hospitality marketing is typically centered on conference options and business professionals, changing your message and touting family-friendly areas of your property appeals to a whole new set of potential guests.

Off-Season Specials

Pricing and promotions are used throughout the year in hospitality marketing to attract guests and customers. One way you can capitalize on seasonally slow periods to keep sales high is through working with your accounting and management team to offer deep discounts and specials during the off season. This practice generates income and also is a step toward building a larger repeat customer base by bringing guests in at a lower rate and impressing them with your property.