How to Run a Sub Fundraiser

Fundraisers are used to make money for a cause or a group. There are many different types of fundraisers to choose from, but the most cost efficient fundraisers are ones that can be made by a group. Sub fundraisers are easy to run and simple to create. There are a variety of subs to choose from and there is a potential to raise a lot of money.


Get volunteers. If there is a group of people that the fundraiser is meant to help, it is best to start looking for volunteers with that group. Post notices around the community looking for volunteers. Don't forget to post ads online on websites like Craigslist.

Determine the types of subs that will be sold. Go for a variety of subs so that customers have a lot to choose from.

Create a menu with pricing. After you have the type of subs that you want to sell, you should create a menu that describes the specifics. List the ingredients you will use for each of the subs. Add prices for each sub or create one set price for subs. You can even make special deals.

Create a schedule with specific dates. Things to include are beginning and ending sell dates, sub creation dates, distribution dates, and other important dates that the volunteers and/or customers should know about.

Remember to include details about payments and various policies for the volunteers and buyers.


Give the menus to the volunteers. Make sure that they have a copy of the schedule to let customers know the details.

Have selling locations ready with shifts for the volunteers. You will need to get permission to sell in front of a business location, but it can be worth it.

Let the volunteers know when and how payments should be made. It is easier for fundraisers to collect the money at the time of the order.

Advertise the fundraiser online and throughout the community.

Offer incentives to the volunteers. A competition or goal to reach is always a good way to go.


Total up the sub amounts. Have a complete total of each sub so that creating the subs is easier.

Purchase the ingredients. There are some stores and distributors that offer discounts for fundraisers.

The easiest way to make the subs is to create an assembly line. Have each volunteer assigned to a different part of the process.

Package the subs individually and start filling out orders. Have boxes and bags available for each seller to use for sub distribution. Keep the subs in a refrigeration or freezer unit to keep the subs good.

Provide a lunch for the volunteers at the end of the process.


  • When bagging the subs, using different colored twist ties to distinguish between the different subs.


  • Have gloves, hair nets and aprons for the volunteers to wear.