How to Organize a Fun-Run Fundraiser Images

Organizing a fundraiser to benefit a nonprofit gets the community involved in the charitable endeavor. A running event requires the involvement of sponsors, city officials and community members, so there is plenty of opportunity for media exposure for the cause. Allow a minimum of six months to plan for the fun-run fundraiser. Make sure you're prepared and have a team of people in place for event promotion as well as race-day details.

Choose a charity to receive funds raised from the event. Research the charity's history, reputation and financial records to choose a reputable charity.

Choose a time, date and location for the fundraiser. The run should begin and end in the same place. Parks with ample space and parking are good locations.

Contact the city, county or relevant municipality to get all needed permits. You may need to block off streets for the run, so local government needs to approve the event.

Create a website for the fundraiser. The website needs to allow participants to sign up for the run and donate money. All race details should be included.

Create sponsorship packages to raise money to cover the costs of the event. Sponsors should receive recognition at the event, in promotional materials and on the website. Contact and secure sponsors. Develop a budget for the event.

Promote the event. Send out email blasts to the charity's email list. Write press releases and send them out to local editors and news directors for media coverage. Ask local businesses to pass out fliers.

Collect donations for giveaways. Runners need to be supplied with water and food, such as protein bars, bagels or bananas. Give away goodie bags to runners with items collected from sponsors and donors.

Hire contractors to handle specific details, such as setting up cones along the running path and providing portable toilets. Put outside professionals on particulars directly related to the race as well, such as keeping runners' times and providing the start and finish lines.

Find volunteers for the fun-run event. Volunteers are needed before the event to generate interest and collect donations. Assign duties to volunteers on the day of the event, too, such as giving away water, handing out goodie bags or registration duties.

Send out thank-you emails after the event. Participants and sponsors want to know how much money was raised for the charity, so include those figures along with information on next year's event to generate interest.


  • Verify the date of the fundraiser does not coincide with other large local events.

  • Let participants know they can also walk.